New Order - The Perfect Kiss

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New Order - Temptation (7” Mix)

I love New Order and I have all their albums, except for Lost Sirens, their most recent one. I’m also a fan of their side projects: Electronic, Revenge and The Other Two. Who knew that all of this would emerge from the ashes of Joy Division?

I’m kinda annoyed that I missed out on these. (“Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.”) At least I have the album. 

New Order - Age Of Consent

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Sub Sub & Bernard Sumner - This Time I’m Not Wrong (Edit)

I’m trying to fill in the gaps in my knowledge of classic British dance music and my research — a lot of clicking, essentially — has led me to download a crop of albums I had missed out on but have always been curious about:

  1. Saint Etienne -  Foxbase Alpha
  2. Primal Scream - Screamadelica
  3. New Order - Technique
  4. Inspiral Carpets - Life
These have aged remarkably well and it’s fascinating how they don’t sound that out-of-place today. Nothing gives me as much pleasure as new music (even if in this case it is technically quite old). Nothing, except perhaps the roundabout act of discovering it.  

New Order - Crystal

Just noticed that the fictional band in this 2001 video call themselves The Killers. 

New Order - Krafty

My love for this band grows each day. 

Chromatics - Ceremony (New Order cover)

New Order - Regret

I love New Order. Omg. 

New Order - Someone Like You (Radio Mix)

From Get Ready

New Order - 1963 (Joe T Vanelli Heavy Radio Mix)

New Order - Round & Round

First time to see this video. I’m suddenly nostalgic for a time I did not experience. 

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