After minutes of Googling, it appears to me that these cutout biker boots by Balenciaga’s Nicolas Ghesquière are for women. (I could be wrong, but I’ve only seen them on female models and celebrities. Unless the Innarnetz is lying. Which it never does.) Of course, I could get them in a huge size, which could be a way to work around that. (Unless they don’t make anything equivalent to a US 11 for guys.) That would imply, however, that I have $1275 hidden in my mattress for situations like this which, alas, I don’t. At least not physically.

Anyway, I love that these boots aren’t traditional or workwear-inspired. (I’m sick of those styles, seriously.) More than that, they’re black! All my boots and most of my shoes are brown and I’m in dire need of a non-basic black pair. Will keep Googling.   

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