If I could choose who I’d want to play me in a biopic, these would be my top 3:

  • Lyden James
  • Chris Colton
  • Ezra Miller

It will be a sort of surreal, action-filled darkly comic project, kinda like The Dreamers meets Donnie Darko meets Jurassic Park meets The OC. (With subtitles!) The soundtrack, of course, will be genre-spanning — electro, indie, Manu Chao, Vivaldi, Disney — and the filming locations just as diverse.

Screenplay will be by Josh Schwartz and Will Gluck, adapted from a graphic novel by Francesco Clemente. Wardrobe directors will be Dame Vivienne Westwood and Timo Weiland together with Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos. PR to be handled by Tyler Brûlé and Tumblr staff. No idea as to the director and director of photography, however.

Might as well go the whole hog, right? Lol.     

chris colton ezra miller lyden james dream project biopic lol

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